Corporate identity

Amazing images are not needed to make a new corporate identity but it is essential a consistent management of the contents to publish with the company’s goals.  This entails the continuous interaction of the management and creative process to guarantee a fluent running.

Often we manage institutional and informative material of a company which does not know what it can reach. For VPGD it is important to fix the main points to work together with the company defining what it wants to communicate. To find the best way to communicate ideas through advertising materials, it is important to research into the company’s philosophy and the working environment.  This process entails us to use the essence of the company’s thought in the ad contents we will realize.

Communication below the line:
In advertising the communication below the line is becoming more important especially because of the continuous crowded advertising in classic means. Below-the-line advertising, such as the direct marketing, public relations and the organization of events, entails us to direct promotional messages to defined targets using cheaper and more flexible channels and means.    For us the use of below the line advertising is essential.
We realize integrated advertising campaigns in which above and below the line activities coexist and complement each other perfectly. VPGD is by your side to guarantee a complete communication able to reach any target.