Advertising – posting and poster designing

VPGD offers to you a highly qualified staff able to plan places and dimension of your advertising campaign in the best possible way. We can find a  professional solution to your needs of visibility. We plan posting campaigns of any size and everywhere in Italy.

The method we use to plan posting depends on our customers’ requirements: posting is aimed at advantageous areas.

We select the best city’s places and the periods of time the customers prefer. Before to start the posting campaign, we show our customers the plan with the exact location of the posters and the suppliers of the advertising spaces.

We offer any type of external advertising, from the typical fixed posters (6×3, 4×3, 2×2, posters and headline boards, to advertising on public and private motor vehicles. To give you a detailed overview, we will divide fixed posting and active posting.   




  • Cm 70×100 – 100×140 – 140×200 – 200×200 – 400×300 – 600×300

Street banners 800×100:

With this solution it is possible to be in the most important streets of the city centre and to have a sizeable number of daily contacts.

A minimum display of 14 days.

Days to display: the 1st  and the 16th of every month.

Display zone: according to the customer.


 Poster m6x3 and 4×3 (lorry):

This solution is very effective because it is a mobile advertising medium which can be placed every day different strategic points.


The advantages of this media are:

  • it is very penetrating into the fabric of a city, it can enter the city centres;
  • it makes a good impact on people for the brightness of the ad colours;
  • it has a good cover of the city because it has not any set routes;
  • it is a flexible solution because it is possible to involve many taxies for a short period of time (30 days) or a single one for a long period of time (3-6 months).

All these advantages make this media an advertising instrument more and more interesting for all the companies who want to increase the visibility of their products and services in the big cities. The cooperation with specialized companies makes us plan advertising campaigns all around Italy.

Advertising spaces in stadiums and sports clubs:

Advertising spaces in the Olimpico stadium of Rome and in all the others in Italy.


City Buses – this advertising medium can send messages both to pedestrians and car drivers.  


Frontal and back entrance doors:

  • size: 300×70 cm
  • length: 14 days

Left side of the bus:

  • size: 120×70 cm
  • length: 14 days

Maxi back:

With this size it is possible to decorate all the back of the city buses thanks to the application of a special adhesive film which let people see through the window and gives a very good definition of the advertising space.

  • Length: 14 days

Total decoration of city cars:

The entire side and back of buses just for a message to have a big impact and effectiveness.

  • Length: 30 days

Jumbo tram and total decoration:

This modern means, totally decorated, has a huge visual impact and reliability.

  • Length: 90 days

Gulliver electric minibuses:

The characteristic of these buses is their presence in the city centres and their power to send exclusive messages. The decoration on these means includes the back window.

  • Length: 90 days


  • spaces: 200×140 – 100×140
  • length: 14 days