Advertising spaces

Daily newspapers:

The unit of measurement used is the form and it is different in each newspaper. This media can be used as driving instrument of an advertising plan or as a good support of a multimedia campaign. The impact and the reading of the advertising depend on the amount of these forms and the position in this means.

Flexibility and immediacy are the most important advantages of this media.

– flexibility allows to reach the entire Italian territory or a single region or province.

– immediacy is due to the short delivery time; this allows to adapt advertising to the last communication requirements. The main target is an adult public of opinion leaders, it means people able to anticipate and influence buying decisions and to steer consumption.

We can plan newspaper campaigns everywhere in Italy.  


The unit of measurement used is the column and the page; in some magazines half a page and half a column as well. Another way to advertise in magazines is the editorial.

– In the last years an increasing trend has been recorded for those who advertise in specialist magazines with specific market niches;

– There is a widespread distribution all around Italy;

– Magazine potential (magazine supplements). The advertising message in this media has the same importance of an advertising in the magazine because it absorbs the image and the credibility of the magazine. The reader can understand better the message because it is considered customized;

– It is read many times during a week or a month and often some magazine are kept fostering a good memorization of the advertising message.

Weekly magazines have more general contents and for this reason have a larger reading public,  while monthly magazines, being specialist magazines, are for a specific reader.