Creating a website is not enough. As a matter of fact, we must make it within an easy reach for those who are searching it. Within this sector the search engines’ role is crucial. Statistically, the web users, through the search engines, do not visit more than the first two pages of the search result.

For this reason, being at the first positions in the search engines is of a crucial importance even if not so easy.

VPGD, thanks to its experience, first looks for the relevant keywords of your website, than studies carefully both your counterparts’ websites and yours. Then, we try to place it in the best position to make it rise till the top of the search engines’ lists.

How does our positioning service work?

  • preliminary analysis of the website to promote
  • keywords selection
  • analysis of the frequency usage of the keywords by the users through the statistic analysis of the access to the search engines
  • analysis and evaluation of the counterparts’ position
  • choice of the keywords on the base of the website specific target
  • website optimization
  • elaboration of the contents based on the selected keywords
  • creation of fair meta tags
  • optimization for search engines of the html code of the existing pages and eventual creation of new and more specific ones
  • manual signing-up within search engines
  • manual signing-up within main directories
  • automatic signing-up on secondary directories and search engines
  • periodical control of the signing-up on the search engines and directories
  • correction interventions during the placing campaign       
  • periodical monitoring report on the positioning