Newsletter marketing

The business company’s newsletter is one of the most important and modern tools to start and above-all built the relationships with the customer or with the partner.

This kind of service is useful to spread the brand and increase the value of the service offered to the customers. These are just two of the benefits which can be obtained thanks a good newsletter:

  1. analysis and setting of the goals and the users’ target
  2. search and analysis of competitor newsletters
  3. analysis and advice on the contents to insert in the newsletter
  4. planning of sending periodicity
  5. carrying out of texts and images
  6. planning of the graphic lay out and newsletter’s html programming
  7. general or customized sending for every user when indicative data will have been obtained. Sending of the newsletter coupled with the e-mail; sending of  a unique text with the web address where it will be possible to see the newsletter with the following check of the user’s tracking.
  8. checking and control of the results obtained