Packaging planning

An appropriate packaging can increase the sell perspectives of a product. A good-looking packaging in such cases, is very important and will make sells increase.

Very often a packaging is the only detail distinguishing a product from the counterparts. For this reason, a product has to be studied in every details to create an innovative packaging which will make it more exuberant and charming for the target of users.

VPGD analyses carefully the product and its characteristics studying the former packaging listing qualities and faults, underlining weak and strong features. The following step is the study of competitors, because we strongly believe the main differentiating feature of a pack is to do a better job than the competitors.

After these initial and crucial phases we choose the type, colours and, all the graphic and visual elements which will make the final label and the packaging.

All these steps are taken to obtain a final result: helping our customers to increase sells of their product.