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Advertising on the internet

Advertising on the web, is one of the most innovative way of promotion, but we ask to ourselves: Is it really effective?
Advertising on the Internet doesn't follow the same standards as the traditional one. What makes the difference in the web advertising, is the difficulty to manage the interactive peculiarity of the net.
Making advertising on the web not considering or ignoring this aspect could bring poor results even become counterproductive.
Advertising on the web is effective only if you are able to exploit the  interactive, accessibility and distinctive features of the Internet.
We always deal with professional users who are able to easily access information. Trying to lead the user by talking with him is more fruitful.
This is our approach:  speak the language of each means.

Our Services:
- Domain registration (.it, org, .net, .com);
- Web design and hosting;
- Programming, developing static and dynamic Websites in flash and Html,
- Presentations and animations in Flash and Director;
- E-commerce sites , programming developing on-line stores ;
- Database ad hoc on ASP, PHP, SQL, Visual Basic, ecc platforms ;
- On-line advertising and web marketing campaigns ;
- Search engine marketing,
- Professional banner design
- Viral Marketing
- E-mail marketing;
- Other internet Services .

Our expert team offers for you a free consultation without any engagement.

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