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Web marketing services

  • On-line advertising campaigns and web marketing
  • Index-linking and placing on search engines
  • Advertising campaigns and Banners
  • Web advertising
  • Viral Marketing
  • DEM carrying-out, e-mail advertising campaigns, e-mail marketing


Creating a website is not enough. As a matter of fact, we must make it within an easy reach for those who are searching it. Within this sector the search engines’ role is crucial. Statistically, the web users, through the search engines, do not visit more than the first two pages of the search result.

Viral Marketing

The mean of a viral e-marketing campaign needs, to be efficacious, to show an intrinsic value towards the chosen users’ target.

Banners’ advertising campaigns

The banner is the most common system to spread the brand and to bring web users from a website on the website on which the campaign has been planned.

Newsletter marketing

The business company’s newsletter is one of the most important and modern tools to start and above-all built the relationships with the customer or with the partner.

Direct E-mail marketing

VPGD helps its customers to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the e-mail, carrying out an efficacious strategy of e-mail marketing, ranging from the management of the existing e-mail addresses’ list, to the creation of new lists with the opt-in option, from the targeted e-mail addresses’ search, to the management of returning contacts, …

Web advertising

The service is based on several size advertising spaces’ planning, on the main Italian and world wide websites.

Web marketing Agency

VPGD gives the chance to carry out an on-line campaign suitable to customers’ profit needs, since the classic newsletters to the most charming banners, since the viral marketing to D.E.M. and web advertising.


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