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Multimedia Design

The spreading of new technologies, in Italy as well as worldwide, calls for the spreading of new communication technologies different from internet and from the newsprint. In the last few years, the multimedia graphic has become the meeting point between the above-mentioned means of communication.
VPGD thanks to the use of interactive Cd-Rom and DVD is able to carry-out demonstrations for new products launching, as video lessons rather than businesses’ introduction. These launches will be graphically and technically very accurate and endowed with high quality film clips and audio which will be difficult to use on the modern web. Our company is also able to carry out and plan audio and video advertisements, having at its own disposal a video editing department.


  • Planning and realization of interactive and multimedia Cd-Rom
  • Multimedia demonstration
  • 3d and virtual graphic – flash animations
  • Audio and video editing on Avid support
  • Planning and realization of radio and TV advertisements
  • Production and post-production services
  • Printing on CD-ROM, CD-Card, DVD, DVD-Rom
  • Copies of every kind of support (VHS BETA DVD CD-VIDEO DIVX)
  • Cd-writing and copy of cd/dvd/cd-card

Doubling, Copying and printing of CD/DVD

VPGD, thanks to the partnerships established with leading companies specialized in the copying of cd, dvd, and cd cards, offers its customers a high quality and reduced times for the production and supply of those multimedia supports.

3D Graphics

The three-dimensional graphics allows to reach a realistic pattern manipulating and changing in several ways solid geometric figures.

Multimedia interactive CD/DVD

In order to implement the solutions available for a company’s business, VPGD plans and carries out multimedia products for all those companies willing to take advantage of the communication potentialities.

App mobile

The development and rapid spread of smartphones has revolutionized the way we communicate, offering new opportunities to spread their business.

Audio-video editing

VPGD is very proud if its sound and video production tools. Our experts use publishing hardware and software to carry out a high level production of audio and video products.


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