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Graphic studio

A modern company has to be competitive, reliable and trustworthy and above all it has to be able to convey those values. In other words, the name of the company has to be coupled with its brand, its logo and a graphic style able to distinguish it within its field.
Having an its own image (paper, envelops, headed e-mails, visiting cards) and a company’s identity (leaflets, brochures, catalogues, goods-services specifications) means convey the message your company wants to spread. In the third millennium a company needs to believe in the advertising image and campaign because today the passing on word is not enough

Advertising company services

  • Planning and realization of brands, logos (paper, envelopes, visiting cards, company’s image)
  • Planning and realization of leaflets, brochures and business announcements
  • Planning and realization of announcements regarding advertising events, flyers, playbills, posters, placards
  • Planning and realization of editing services (newspapers, magazines and books)
  • Planning and realization of fair stands
  • Planning and realization of packaging – boxes, display stand
  • Digital photo, photo reworking, photo touches-up and restoration

Typographic and digital printing

VPGD offers its customers a digital and typographic printing supervision both in case the printing products are printed by our partners and by typographic agencies chosen by the customer.

Stand fair

Thanks to our operative partnerships with the most important National companies specialized in the stands’ fitting-out for fairies and sport events, VPGD is able to offer its customers a complete and unique fitting-out service.

Packaging planning

An appropriate packaging can increase the sell perspectives of a product. A good-looking packaging in such cases, is very important and will make sells increase.

Leaflets and brochures

Leaflets and brochures are two inalienable means to spread your goods and services. These means of communication must enclose all the distinguishing elements of your company. The result has to be something harmonious and above all has to convey all the messages, information and images of your company.

Company’s image

The Headed paper is part of the company’s image. Usually, it is planned together with visiting cards and envelopes to give every people involved the same “image”.

Graphic Agency – Company’s image

The logo or brand is a company’s distinguishing mark. As a matter of fact, a company, thanks to its brand, can be identified among other companies reminding everyone the services, the products it offers distinguishing it from the counterparts.


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