Advertising 17 December 2013 Tv and radio advertising

VPGD makes TV and radio ad which can leave a mark on creativity world but which can also enhance the features peculiar to the product.

Advertising 17 December 2013 Advertising spaces

Daily newspapers: The unit of measurement used is the form and it is different in each newspaper. This media can be used as driving instrument of an advertising plan or as a good support of a multimedia campaign. The impact and the reading of the advertising depend on the amount of these forms and the …

Advertising 17 December 2013 Advertising – posting and poster designing

VPGD offers to you a highly qualified staff able to plan places and dimension of your advertising campaign in the best possible way. We can find a  professional solution to your needs of visibility. We plan posting campaigns of any size and everywhere in Italy.

Advertising 17 December 2013 Advertising planning

To manage the enchanting but intricate advertising world is not easy, especially for those who do not know it very well. To plan an advertising strategy is important to make any advertising campaign.

Advertising 17 December 2013 Advertising creativity

Creativity is an essential resource to survive in the market and for this reason we always look for it. Companies entrust their image to advertising agencies to realize ever more creative, innovative and amazing advertising.

Advertising 17 December 2013 Advertising headlines-copywriting

Texts, headlines, climes, pay-off for the language: every single word of an advertising, a publication or a web site, is the result of a precise copywriting.

Advertising 17 December 2013 Brand design

The logo is the identifying sign of the company’s asset to increase and consolidate and necessary to mark your company out.

Advertising 17 December 2013 Corporate identity

Amazing images are not needed to make a new corporate identity but it is essential a consistent management of the contents to publish with the company’s goals.  This entails the continuous interaction of the management and creative process to guarantee a fluent running.

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